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在快速的網路時代,每個人都拿回溝通的工具,一如我很早就說過的一樣,每個人都是資訊彙整與交換的節點(node)。現在有個研討會說:報紙應該忘記新聞。其實我與我的工作同仁很早就在這樣做了。 的記者Oliver Luft在報導剛在維也納舉行的The Printed Word 研討會上,引述CityTools的總裁Robert Cauthorn的話

Newspapers need to forget news if they are going to prosper in the digital age, an industry conference was told today.Opening the Beyond the Printed Word conference in Vienna, Robert Cauthorn, CEO of CityTools, said that newspapers had lost the ability to tell communities the stories they are interested in.
Newspapers are guilty of talking only to decision makers, he said, and people were now shifting to form their own online communities around stories that interested them.
“All the wonderful reasons for being a journalist are rushing back and, ironically, it’s because of the audience,” he said.”We need to forget news, we have got to get away from the idea of news and get back to stories.”Our readers think of stories; news is an alien concept, stories are interesting. News is a terrible fate for a story to fall into.”


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